Monday, 3 December 2012

Albie's Rock and Roll Mix tape

I was asked very nicely for the use of this drawing as an ad in a Zine (apologies I cannot remember the name of it) for a podcast. I like what has been done with it - it works with the feel of what it's all about, which is very DIY-esk. Really enjoyed the podcast (I went and subscribed to it!) its good (at least to me) grungy/punk rock music - and is like the stuff I use to listen to in college - Nice for my drawing mindset at times when I'm trying to reach the mountain of deadlines I've got on at the moment! There's a wonderful shout out to me for using my image, and some of my drawings have been made into a slideshow. Watching my 2012 hourly comics from this year with music is a wonderful/weird feeling. It's cool to see it with a soundtrack, it's just funny because what I was drawing then feels like a life time ago now. 

I'm getting the internet on Wednesday. Promises of regular updates to follow *I swear*.

Monday, 19 November 2012


So my manager had to shave off his entire beard to do Movemeber this year. He's made this awesome poster and I figured I'd carry on spreading the campaign for sponsorship! Go see Orchard Toys guys 


As for Thought Bubble it was an amazing weekend. I'm going to try and get myself ready for the mother of all blog posts next week. But there are still deadlines and sleep to catch up on first. Still my favourite event in the Uk, can't wait to exhibit there. 2013 will be the year!


Friday, 16 November 2012

new header

This'll do for now I think. I'll have to make some minor tweaks I think, but haven't the time to do a whole 're-brand' at the moment... oh yeah, I'll try and get some photos and do some comic reveiws as this weekend I'm off to visit THOUGHT BUBBLE BABY! Hopefully make some new friends, meet some idols of mine and have general comic-y fun times. Helen Hawkes @buttonninja is joining me, it's her first event like this, so I'm hoping she's going to enjoy it as much as me! Toodlebye for now!

(Can  you tell that I'm a tad over excitable?!)

Monday, 12 November 2012


Oh yeah... also threw together a new cover photo for my Facebook cover picture. If you like it, then feel free to use it as a wallpaper or what not (Personal use only NO STEALING) I know my crosshatching anywhere!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Productive me

So yes. Settling in well at my new gaff. It's been a manic one. All I've done this weekend (par from two  doodles) is work! Although it is lovely to be able to do-what-you-do in Pyjamas with copious amounts of earl grey, listening to Frank Hamilton and watching Sherlock of an evening! To be honest I haven't felt so focused in ages in the design sense and I've been sleeping (for a change!) 

To productivity!

Also. A quick post at Although I'm now rather calm about how much there is to get done, I can't say my eating has been all that...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Only for now.

No internet until the 5th of December. Will draw lots and update when possible. x

Saturday, 27 October 2012

From Last week.

oh maaaan that's a dodgy drawing of a glass of wine. Please forgive me, I'm tired and ill and I've spent the last two (into three) days moving house. There may be a sufficiant lack of comics uploaded as I may not have internet in my new house until the 5th of December (THE 5TH?!) but I'll do my best with that. Felt pretty emotional, but actually drawing seems to have helped. That glass of wine hasn't though. *Terrible glass of wine drawing - we'll meet again. Then I'll draw the hell out of you*

Monday, 22 October 2012

It's Fat Free!

I recomend this the morning after with a little butter or spread - it's made very tasty breakfasts :) x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The result.

Tried a different method this eveing. Pencils, scanned - line work and colour all done digitally... The song is called 'Fifty Percent of him' from a Musical called Ballroom. It's a lovely, bitter sweet song.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tumbles and Tumblr

I've said about doing this for ages now. Dieting comics. Well. I've started! I'm using tumblr, just to get a feel for it really and to try and to keep on the weight-loss train.

I've usually got people telling me that either:

 a.) I've got such a pretty face it's a
shame that I'm heavier than I should be 
 b.) Don't be silly, you don't need to loose weight.

I'm not listening to either of these two things as I have decided that I want to loose weight and become healthier for myself. I've been invited to a wedding party in January and I don't want to buy anymore larger clothes. (I can't afford to, I'm buying a shoebox house!)

I'm trying to figure out what works for me and WHY I am compelled to eat when I'm not hungry. (There's a whole back-catalog of issues there I think) I'm going to figure out and draw my emotional eating triggers and the things I can do to counter-act them. I'm going to draw nummy foods and recipes, the exercise embarrassments I inflict upon myself and I'm going to document the changes in me.

 I'm getting back to me, I'm much happier than I was a few weeks ago (thanks to my amazing friends and supportive family) Work is amazing - I am sworn to secrecy, but I love designing toys for a living - I am living my own personal dream and things are starting to come together.

I once had a conversation with one of my very best friends about what I think makes a person attractive. It's a person who makes the best of themselves. Through confidence, health, passion etc... looking after yourself and making yourself the best you can be (without sounding like a cliche crazy person) is what makes people love you. Because you love yourself.

Unfortunately. I'm all full of incite this evening, but I've just watched The Great British Bake Off and tomorrow I know that I'm going to be craving that slab of cake. Hell. I'm going to be dreaming of it.

Let the drawn diet diary commence!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

My Matilda Firefly

I really like Triceratops at the moment. I think they're adorable. And Firefly, can't stop quoting it.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Chai and Pjamas

Guess what it's...

OH DEAR. Apologies about the quality of this scan, but I've not got access to anything better. (I'm missing photoshop terribly now) Just thought I'd try and make sense of things via comics again. It's always helped before, so I think I should try and make a return to it. I miss it so. In a funny place right now, but there are positives. HOPEFULLY I'll be able to just draw comics about everything again instead of how down I'm feeling, I'm in the mood to do a watercolour tonight So I might post that on Tumblr (I caved) later. Hope you're all ok, sorry it's been so long. x 

Friday, 27 July 2012

Cover Photo

I made this as a cover photo for facebook to remind me to get my butt into gear. This is Danielle (or more popularly known as Peaches) She's going to be in Spirit Measures (which I have started scripting!) I'm going to try and sort out an online store soon and get this thing underway too. Currently on a bit of a rollercoaster with the home life at the moment... but perhaps more to come on that at a later date - maybe even in comic form.

Hope you're all well. I miss you. Loads of love. April x

Friday, 13 July 2012

Sea Wigs!

Sarah McIntyre  suggested that people could have a go at finish drawing the hair on one of her drawings. She's amazing and I must say, this was so much fun. I did it during my lunch break at work, and I'm thinking of colouring it over the weekend if I get a spare minute or two. This looks like a really exciting project - can't wait to see it develop over the coming weeks!

And an apology to those who follow this blog. I'm sorry about the sufficiant lack of comics. My internet at home is appaling and drawing for a day job is just making comicing difficult. I am making more of an effort though, so I'm going to try and start a 'Monday Update' just to make sure that there's something for you guys to chew on!

Anyway. Another wet weekend in Norfolk.

loves xxx

Week one

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Planting the seed.

I live in a school. Meaning I have a crappy school network to contend with. I'm sorry for the delays. (There are more comics to come!)

Friday, 1 June 2012

Party Time!

Hey Everyone! (especially to new viewers!) Just to inform you that I'm having internet difficulties at home and I'll be off work for the next four days. Meaning *sigh* that I won't be able to post anything I'm working on... (many grumbles) I had a wonderful time at MCM Expo and I've devoured my massive stash of comics that I brought back with me. Very busy at work too, so I've not have much energy to draw things for here either. (Hopefully I sort some in the next few days alongside the jubilee parties and drinking!) But... I'm really proud of the first bit of work that's gone live at my new job - See that web banner? I did that! :D Happy Diamond Jubilee guys! xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

MCM expo!

(click for a larger Image!) So yes! I have a table (EXCITED!) And Simon's coming with me too, so it'll be interesting for him to see me in my natural environment! I'm pretty much there now, just trying to make some more prints but I think I'm too limited on time! Oh well! If you're about in London this week, definitely Cosplayers ly come and check this out! :D Lots of will be about! Woo! Fancy dress! - I'll maybe have to sort something out for next year!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Expo offerings!

 Here's some of what I'll be offering at MCM expo! 

 Personal Goals - a autobio zine/comic. I've been trying to loosen up - so it's more spontaneous and mostly about things I want to attempt....
My First Thought Bubble - A comic that has taken me too long! It's not even that long! But there are some beautiful illustrations and it really captures my experience that weekend.

AND. More goody bags! This includes, Two mini comics, a business card, sticker, badge and some sweeties!

I'm super excited, but as of yet, I have no-where to stay come that weekend. *Hotel Fail* Need help. But at least I'm organized in another way!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

sneak peak

Click picture for a larger image. I thought I'd let you see the comic that is now over two years overdue. I thought that it was only fitting to show this page as I'm now 23. Whoops. Long over due. Oh well. Should be ready in the next two weeks... :S Introducing Marc Ellerby and John Cei Douglas.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I really want the mug ok?

I got the wrong end of the stick when a friend said I could win some Moomin merch by colouring in a Moomin for their shop - I thought I had to draw and colour it... turns out it's on a postcard and it is a basic colouring in competition... And YES. Adults can enter. (Simon made fun of me last night. So shuttupyerface.)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


My friend's started her own baking business - she asked a few friends to design her a new logo in exchange for a celebration cake of their choice. A nice little competition I must say. This was my suggestion. What made me laugh is that Cupcake Wars came on the telly as I was drawing it!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A3 poster

Realised it's only a few weeks until London MCM EXPO and my products need to get sent to the printers! Got more pins, a comic, a comic/zine, goody bags, postcards, prints and perhaps this as an A3 poster? That's not too much to do in a month right? XP

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Inspired by Lucy Knisley's Crack Cookies I thought I'd do my own! - I have to say, these little cakes are really very moreish! x