Saturday, 9 October 2010

Vampy McVampiness

See! I DID re-do my blog! I've de-cluttered, and changed the name ( This is so I can start promoting myself and keeps the whole thing slightly more uniformed. Promotional cards next me thinks?

Also, does anyone know the cost of photocopies? I'm trying to work out how to print my comics and I'm thinking of doing two different comics in batches of 100 (as I don't know how optimistic to be) I'm also making a set of three badges and a postcard selection... I'll be TRYING to set up a paypay thing on here too!

If you have ANY advice PLEASE email me at:

I'll REALLY appreciate it, and if you leave an address I may send you a thank you card in the post

Hope all is well. I've got a BUSY work day.

lots of love, April xxx

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