Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Emotional Hunger.

I'm so rubbish.

Well. I managed to update the blog. But did I do a comic? NOOOOOOOOO. (More apologies) I'm starting work again in 10 mins too... *sigh* I'm shattered. But I have been working on something. I'll eventually get the preview of that done. And I WILL goddammit draw some auto-bio comics to put on this lovely less-cluttered blog.

I changed the name, I'm worried that none of you know I'm here anymore!?


  1. Aaaaahhhh! I started freaking out when I got an error message at the old blog address. So glad you're still around, though!

    Draw me some comics, dammit!!! :D

  2. but you found me! :D - do I still come up in the dashboard updates section?! ooooo... and have you got my letter yet? :P xxxx

  3. You came up in my Dashboard just fine. Yay!