Thursday, 19 August 2010

what's this? A post?

I'm SORRY that I've not been posting! I can assure you that there have been drawings! But I've been away (and going away again) from my scanner... I'll update a crazy amount NEXT sunday hopefully... :) should be EPIC. for the mean time, I've been working on some postcard ideas... Adorkable is a word I've coined. kinda like Adorabubble... :) these things make me smile... :P I'll post another illustration before I go and baby sit a house-rabbit and boyfriend for a week!


  1. "Adorkable?!" I love it! I wanna spread the "adorkable" gospel! Can I get an official definition?

  2. Totally sweet!!! I've missed your drawings!

  3. 'Adorable Dork' I think is the best description - or anything that's cute and REALLY geeky :D I've missed you guys too! I'll try and get better and regular at posting again! But I am working on a full printed comic! :D (hurrah!)

  4. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your blog on the chance that we both commented the same Ellerbism and I would like to say that I adore your art and especially your layouts. If you had a twitter I would follow you immediately.


  5. AW! thank you Liz! I am on twitter (Type in April Nash and you should find me) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply, I've been away from the internets all of this week xxxx