Tuesday, 20 July 2010

depraved on the account I'm deprived.

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I've just done a hardcore uploading session. And I'm exhausted. I've worked my socks off getting this bad boy ready for the printers. Let me know what you think. x


  1. Whoa. When I don't have little kids yapping in my ear, I'm gonna sit down and read that from the beginning. Congrats on such a herculean effort.

  2. This is beautiful! The ornate designs, the intricate cross-hatching ... the page layout of the first two pages alone is wonderful. I always wanted to adapt an Oz story, but too many other things always got in the way.

    So well done, April - we will be seeing your work on bookstore shelves soon, I think.

  3. hey, thank you so much! n_n these 32 pages were for a final project for universitym but depending on the feedback, I may try and continue it for a intense - full publication... I'm so flattered by all your lovely, lovely kind words xxxx