Monday, 12 July 2010

4/5 days?

Alright. It's not even been a whole week, but I've realized how much I enjoy posting things online, the regular routine, and venting through drawing really makes me happy. Random no? I was away this weekend and I've had an induction today for my new job in a boarding school that'll start in september. It was good, but for some reason I've had a bit of an energy crash and now I'm too tired to finish drawing up my comics for the last few days at the moment.

I'm just letting you know that I've got three weeks left until my deadline, and 2 and a half projects to finish. So however much I love my auto-bio comics at the moment, I've got to really get my priorities in the right order. So I won't be posting much of my face for a while. I'll catch up in August, and I'm thinking of doing an Adam Cadwell and doing a special edition comic based on my festival experience at the Big Chill.

But my other confession is that I won't be able to continue my auto-bio stuff next year, or at least while I'm working this job. I'm not allowed to bring the school, or any of the staff or students into that context. I have to keep my private life private for a while. I've also not had a proper job for three years while I've been studying, so I also know that my energy will be DRAINED for the first few weeks. Plus, alot of internet sites are banned - so I'll only be able to post and check up on things while I'm on my odd weekends off or on my holidays.

Again with my priorities. grr.

BUT. I am planning on working on my own original comic over the year while I can't post things regularly. So hopefully, when I've finished I'll be ready and raring to start publising and promoting my own work and my face again.

:( It's not a goodbye. It's a 'I've got to do this or I'm not gonna be able to get into the career that I want to do' for a few weeks, and about next year? I'm not going to disappear, I'm just not going to be about as much. It annoys me slightly, because I'm just starting to feel that I'm might be getting somewhere, or at least the confidence to pursue this area of my work. I'm sure I'll be drawing, but unfortunatly, life is getting in the way abit.


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  2. This makes me so sad. This is something that is definitely a priority and I understand why you're doing it...but it still makes me sad. :( Please still keep up with us and update us now and then.

  3. lol. I'm not off yet, and I'll still be on facebook, and I'll still be watching and commenting on all your works! :) I'm not stopping auto-biography, but I think it's gonna be something that I can't post regularly online, I think I'm gonna plan to draw two full comics, one about me and the other a pop-cultured original! and then When I finish for the year, I'll get them printed and published, it's not like I'm stopping, But more of a change to how I'm posting everything now... don't be sad, I'll be coming back - it's more to do with the Child protection laws and the schools reputation xxxx

  4. oh! and facebook isn't banned for staff! :)

  5. aww i just discovered, and was really enjoying the auto-bio comics, still progress must be made eh?

  6. indeed! I'm still going to be posting some tho! JUST not regularly as of september!