Friday, 16 April 2010

Introducing Miss Nash

I haven't posted a comic in a while cause nothing that 'spectacular has been happening to me, and also cause I've been busy working on some business cards for a final project!

here's what I've decided on...

Just working on the back information now :) - There IS a comic as part of my creative CV, so y'all just have to wait now! x


  1. I think I like that one best too, but they all look great.

  2. Awesome! Your design work is always so bold in all the right ways. I hope you'll be giving away a lot of those and getting lots and lots of commissions.

  3. Oh Miss Nash, you keep us in such suspense! Beautiful work on all of those.

  4. love it. get them made for real at! get 5000 for 50 bucks