Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Page two.

As you can tell I've been menatally productive of the last couple of days... And it's not stopping yet I hope! Here's page two, I'm not dropping the text on until I'm pretty much finished, I'll be interested to see if you can follow the story purely with just my pictures... I cannot describe how much I'm enjoying this. loves xxx


  1. Wow. Among all that detail, the jack o'lantern just pops right out. Really, really beautiful. This is for a school project, right?

  2. yeah, it's a final project - I'm adapting the "Marvalous Land Of Oz' into a graphic novel. I'm glad you like it! Halfway through the third page now... I think I've set myself a really difficult challenge! x

  3. these are awesome april - can't wait for more. bring them into the studio!