Monday, 25 January 2010

An hour later.

SO yeah. my housemate Claire left uni officially today (personal reasons) so now I'm the only girl in a house of three other guys. (who are lovely don't get me wrong) it's just that I've been kept awake until now by them drinking and shouting etc. It's fine while I need to stay awake to get things done. But now I'm tired. And I'm pretty sure that loud crashing noise was someone passing out in the bathroom and taking the shower curtain with them...

I'm just tired. Feeling annoyed at how inconsiderate people are being. I'm trying to do the hard-working-uni-thing... and they're making it difficult. grr.

So you got a drawing (aren't you lucky!) REALLY fast lil scribble. but it helps. hope I can get to sleep soon. x


  1. They don't sound so lovely. Inconsiderate *insert 'not equal to' sign* lovely. Hope they grow up soon - don't take their shit! Love the comics you put out!