Saturday, 9 January 2010

gosh. I'm sorry.

Hey to all of the people who check me out... apologies for not posting anything for weeks - what with going home for Xmas and there being a sever lack of internet and people wanting to see me... (I felt vay popular)

PLUS. I had to write a 4000 word essay for the 11th of January. Which isn't too bad, but because our referencing standards are so high, it took me six days (no joke and no stopping) to get it done. so INCLUDING - double spacing, pictures (referenced) A bibliography, appendix, plus the essay - it's turned into a 32 page reading fest about why self-published autobiographicals are one of the purest forms of self expression (boo yeah) Part of my research was going to London's MCM EXPO and talking to these amazing comic artists (they were all lovely):

(Lizz Lunney)

(Adam Cadwell)

and not forgetting

(Marc Ellerby)

- finding his first volume of Ellerbisms and Speed Trail was my first look into autobiographical comics in 2008, and i've become slowly more obsessed ever since! So as of today. I'll try to post EVERYDAY. Hope you're all well, I'm off to get my essay proof read.

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  1. I love Marc Ellerby! His style and honesty is intoxicating. Your essay sounds like a darn good read.