Sunday, 10 January 2010

Finally. Lets try and keep it up.

I had a nice day today, and for one of the first times, I like the fact that I'm starting to get less static in my drawings... Gone back to how I was drawing in the first place... Silly me... x


  1. Your recent strips were very beautifully drawn but, you're right, I prefer the style in this comic. It seems more natural and, I dunno, cozy, if that makes any sense. You just seem more comfortable. I've been having a good day, too, so it was really nice to share yours as well.

  2. Thanks matt, Yeah, I agree with the Comfort thing, As A student they tell you to keep leaving that place and to go outside it, but I think for this purpose, I've got something good to keep going with! :) glad you had a good day too! xxxx