Monday, 12 October 2009

First Book

This is the first (mini) book I've created for a Uni project I've called 'Snippets' I was given permission to use the writings of one Josephine Piffero - she's the genius behind the words, I just edited and illustrated. I've been a machine today. Had to post this though. As I've been so lax lately.
Front Cover

Digital Art.
I've got to work on the middle peice. It's too fractured. But I think they do work as single illustrations too... I'll develop on this at a later date. But for now... I hope you like! x


  1. Thanks! Love your daily comic by the way! x

  2. These are great. I like the Labrador one.

  3. Love 'the sea's saliva'!

    My favourite page is the girl photograher - great composition with the text.